Our playschool

What we strive for

A mixed-age class is socially natural for children. The children learn to strengthen and deepen their social relations based on activities and creativity. We create a stimulating environment for their natural development in the area of mathematical imagination, as well as linguistic, musical, social and artistic awareness. We strive to utilize all five senses in a playful and interesting way so that the children take something nice away with them every day.

Safety first

We do the utmost for the safety of the children. All toys, furniture and materials which the children come into contact with, correspond to the legal standards for hygiene and safety. All of the children at the playschool are covered against injury, and loss or damage to their personal belongings. They children can only be picked up from the playschool by their parents or persons the playschool are notified about in writing.

Playschool in Stromovka

The Babyclub Imperial playschool is located in the newly renovated historic mill building Císařský mlýn in Prague Bubenč. The playschool has two fully equipped classrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a private garden with a playground where children play in the afternoon. We spend every morning outside on Prague’s largest park Stromovka.

Healthy eating

We start the day with a hearty breakfast based on healthy nutrition principles. Lunch is prepared by the company Bionea, which cooks 100% fresh, organic food. In the afternoon we have homemade snacks which the children can sometimes help to cook. The children have fresh fruit and vegetables available throughout the day. We also maintain a good drinking regime, fruit juices are pressed in our own juicer.


Topic of the Month

Our school offers education and entertainment for children, divided into monthly topics. Each month has one main topic, often related to the time of year and is reflected in each activity (morning clubs, art activities, trips, etc.), which helps children to not only remember new knowledge but also to properly use it in practice.


Children encounter English all day. We also have an English club from Monday to Wednesday. Children learn in a fun way. First they listen and watch, just as they do when they learn their mother tongue. Over time, they begin to repeat what they have heard. In songs, games, rhymes the individual words are repeated over and over again. 

Interactive board

Large touch screen boards are a great didactic and visual aid. Children control them with their fingers or pens. When talking about a forest they can see trees and animals, solve puzzles, distinguish between deciduous and coniferous trees, and listen to authentic animal sounds.

Morning club

We start the morning club with a song. What day is it and what is the weather like? Each day has a letter, number or shape. Children learn without feeling taught. They express their opinion on a discussed topic and listen to others. One is chosen to help the teacher each day. This stops them quarrelling and teaches them responsibility.


Free Time


Every Wednesday Pomocné tlapky, o.p.s. bring a trained dog to the playschool. The dog brings with it joy and happiness. Children learn to take care of it, and they learn that not all dogs are so nice.

Trips and events

Children also often go on topical trips. Children learn about travelling round Prague and beyond. We also hold cultural events (puppet theatre, celebrations in the playschool etc.) 16.9. Paleček

Yoga for children

Yoga for children is different than for adults. It develops motor skills and flexibility. Exercises are varied and increase concentration and attention. Children learn to relax and proper breathing.


Every Thursday horses and ponies visit our playschool from Stromovka Park. If the children feel brave enough they can pat them or ride them under the supervision of an instructor.      

Our ten principles

  • We give children clear rules

    We are fair

  • Act towards others as you would want them to act towards you

    We teach children respect and tolerance towards others

  • We listen to each other

    Children have the space to express their opinion

  • We put reasonable demands on children

    We always carefully award effort

  • We are not afraid to talk about our feelings

    We teach children self-knowledge and self-assessment

  • We are not scared to be consistent 

    We do not spoil children

  • We are all different, yet we have much in common 

    We respect the diversity of children

  • We protect ourselves and our surroundings

    We teach children what is right

  • We help children to help each other

    Good habits are important for life

Daily routine

The below schedule is indicative, its specific form changes week by week in order to maintain the children’s attention and a positive relationship with the playschool.

 7.30–9.00 arrival to school, free play
 9.00–9.30 morning snack
 9.30–10.15 morning club according to the current topic
 10.15–10.30 drinks, hygiene, go outside
 10.30–11.45 time spent outside
 11.45–12.00 hygiene, preparation for lunch
 12.00–12.30 lunch
 12.30–15.00 quiet time with fairy tales
 15.00–15.30 afternoon snack
 15.30–18.00 afternoon programme, free play, time spent outside


3 days a week

Morning attendance

6 000 CZK

4 days a week

Morning attendance

7 500 CZK

5 days a week

Morning attendance

8 500 CZK

3 days a week

Full-day attendance

10 000 CZK

4 days a week

Full-day attendance

12 500 CZK

5 days a week

Full-day attendance

14 500 CZK

Fees are always to be paid on the 25th day of the previous month. Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash. When the illness of the child or the leave may be applied spare days.

We also offer a 20% discount for siblings and a 10% discount for tenants of Císařský mlýn.

For children from our playschool we can provide weekday night-time babysitting from 6 p.m. 8 a.m. The price for night-time babysitting is 250 CZK / hour.


 Mlýnská 22/4, Praha 6
 00420 724 167 838